Not Funny!

This is a still picture taken from a YouTube video, a collection of video clips entitled ‘Dogs react to kisses – Funny dog compilation’.  The video shows people kissing dogs while the dog makes it absolutely clear that he doesn’t like it by snarling and snapping, but that doesn’t seem deter the person doing the kissing.  That’s pretty bad, right?  The poor dog is clearly saying he’s unhappy, but his warnings are being ignored.

This clip was aired on prime time ITV.  The time that children watch the TV.

If adults think it’s ok to push the dog to snapping, why wouldn’t a child copy?

I can’t find UK statistics on dog bites, other than how many, but in the US 77% of dog bites come from a dog that the person knows; the family dog or a friend’s dog.

When a dog is snarling and snapping, it’s pretty clear that they’re unhappy, so there’s absolutely no excuse for pushing them that far, but many of a dog’s more subtle stress signals are ignored as people tend not to be able to read a dog’s more subtle body language.  That’s pretty shameful really, because your dog has learned your language and you haven’t returned the favour.  When you hear of people saying things like ‘the dog bite came with no warning’, that’s unlikely to be the case.  What is far more likely is that the more subtle stress signs were missed or the more obvious signs were ignored, like in the video.

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