Puppy Graduation – the Class of February 2018

What is more cute than puppies graduating! We did have two absentees, but they’ll get their graduation certificate soon.

They’ve learnt

• Basic manners
• Life skills
• Impulse control
• Body awareness
• Tricks

Their owners learnt the best methods of training their pups, which is with lots of positive reinforcement and no force. Their pups will have the best start in life as the owners cared enough to want to educate them. Now that they know that kind, force free methods work, they won’t be tempted to join classes where there are too many puppies, with the trainer recommending methods such as jerking the lead, forcing the pup down to the ground for a sit and a lie down and using Cesar Milan type methods (which in modern dog training are considered aversive).

The training is extremely hard for a puppy; they’re young, it’s a new environment with new people and new dogs, so it’s all very distracting. The should really be called ‘puppy owner training classes’, not ‘puppy training classes’! Despite this, these pups have done fantastically well and have all kept up with their homework.

I hope to see them all in future obedience and trick training classes and I hope their owners keep in touch so I can see how the pups are getting on.

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