Trick Training With Your Dog

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Keep your dog mentally stimulated with our fun trick training classes.

Our training course consists of a class on clicker training for the owners and 3 trick training classes for owners and dogs where you’ll learn foundation skills and tricks.  Trick training classes are held at West Cross Community Centre, between Swansea and Mumbles and are suitable for dogs of all ages who have learnt basic obedience.  The cost of the course is £60.  There will be a £30 non refundable deposit on regsitration and the blance will be due when you attend the first class.

At On Cloud K9 we set you up to succeed.  Because we want you and your pup get the one to one attention that you need, spaces in the training classes are strictly limited. We don’t want the dogs to get over stimulated by the number of people and dogs in too close a proximity.  Your dog will find it difficult to learn if they’re too excited, or are too nervous.

If your dog is very over stimulated in class, for the sake of your dog, and the other owners and dogs, we reserve the right to ask you to attend private consultations instead of group classes, to help you manage the excitement and integrate the and your dog into the next set of trick training classes.

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