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Hire a professional dog walker to walk your dog in Swansea 

dog walkerTreat your dog to some great company and a good walk when you can’t walk your dog during the day.

Prices for dog walking are

  • £12.50 for 1 hour
  • £9 for half an hour
  • if you have different needs or multiple dogs, please contact me to discuss a price

Arrange a dog walk today!  Call me on 07527 450289.


Hire a Dog Walker

Why hire a dog walker?

  • Dogs are social animals and as such prefer to have company.  Dogs can suffer from stress when left in isolation.
  • Dogs left on their own for lengthy periods will get bored.  A dog that’s bored may find jobs to do around the house.  Unfortunately though, not the kind of jobs that help you out.  When one of my dogs was housebound after a deep cut to her leg, she very helpfully found some housework to do. She cut my blinds down to size.  She ‘organised’ a cupboard that I’d left slightly ajar. She ‘fixed’ a floor steamer by removing its plug!  
  • Not all dogs can get out into the garden to go to the toilet.
  • In addition to physical excercise, dogs need to interact with people as they are social creatures. Interaction with other dogs is not essential, but can be desirable for a lot of dogs.
  • Peace of mind.  You’ll feel less guilty about leaving your dog at home as you know that he’s going to get a good walk with lots of fuss.

Why hire a dog walker from On Cloud K9?

  • I’m studying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, who educate canine professionals to provide proven, ethical and science based dog training and education.
  • I use positive methods with dogs.  I believe in rewarding good or wanted behaviour with lots of good things, in order to increase the good behaviour.  
  • I know that not all dogs are comfortable in all situations.  I can recognise this and take action to make the dog feel more comfortable, or, if necessary remove the dog from the situation.
  • I’m extremely focussed on the safety of your dog. I am fully insured to walk up to 6 dogs, however I don’t walk more than 4 dogs at a time, so that I can ensure the safety of the dogs.  I only walk dogs with other dogs if the dogs are suitably matched.  I have a comprehensive registration form for you to complete.  I refer back to the registration form on a regular basis to ensure that I’m aware of your dog’s needs.
  • If you feel that your dog would benefit from further training or socialisation, I can integrate that into our walk.
  • I’ll pick your dog up from home and return him, towel dried if necessary.  
  • I can vary the  locations of the walks throughout Swansea and the Gower.  If your dog feels more comfortable in familiar surroundings, we’ll stick to the walks he knows.

Areas covered

  • Swansea
  • Brynmill
  • Uplands
  • Sketty
  • Killay
  • Blackpill
  • Mayals
  • West Cross
  • Mumbles
  • Bishopston
  • Kittle
  • Pennard
  • Parkmill
  • Southgate

Postcodes covered

  • SA1
  • SA2
  • SA3