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We’ll help you to ensure that your pup grows up to be a well rounded, well socialised member of the family.  Puppies are a great addition to the family, but they are a lot of work and responsibility.  

The training course consists of 8 classes.  Puppy training classes are held at West Cross Community Centre, between Swansea and Mumbles or in Bishopston.  The classes will run for 8 weeks and the cost of the course is £80.  There will be a £40 non refundable deposit on registration and the balance will be due when you attend the first class.

At On Cloud K9 we set you up to succeed.  Because we want you and your pup get the one to one attention that you need, spaces in the training classes are strictly limited. We don’t want the pups to get over stimulated by the number of people and pups in too close a proximity.  Your puppy will find it difficult to learn if they’re too excited, or are too nervous.

If your pup is very over stimulated in class, for the sake of your pup, and the other owners and pups, we reserve the right to ask you to attend private consultations instead of group classes, to help you manage the excitement and integrate your pup into the next set of puppy classes.

Register for Puppy Classes

If you’re not comfortable taking your pup to training classes until he’s fully immune, or our puppy training classes are fully booked, you can still start training and bonding with your puppy.  It’s important that your pup is well socialised before he is 3 months old, and then continues to meet unfamiliar people and dogs for at least the first year of life. Book a puppy consultation to discuss what you need to be doing with your puppy whilst you’re waiting to join a puppy class.

What will your puppy learn in training classes?

The course covers

  • How dogs learn
  • Bonding with your pup
  • Nutrition
  • Obedience
  • Manners
  • Confidence
  • How to avoid common problems
  • How to deal with unwanted behaviour
  • How to walk nicely on the lead
  • Recall
  • Scent work
  • Exercise
  • Body awareness
  • Tricks
  • Facebook Group

You get access to over 70 articles on behaviour, games and training exercises (which are step-by-step), some available to you immediately and some released on a weekly basis.

Why should you take your pup to puppy training classes?

  • Your puppy will have the opportunity to socialise with other people and dogs.
  • You will get to meet other dog owners.
  • You’ll get to meet more puppies!
  • Your puppy will have lots of distractions when he’s learning, but importantly, it will be within a controlled environment.
  • Puppy classes give you an excuse to train.
  • You and your family will learn the quickest and kindest training methods to achieve the results that you want.

Why should you take your pup to On Cloud K9 puppy training classes?

  • I use positive methods with the pups.  I believe in rewarding good or wanted behaviour with lots of good things, in order to increase likelihood of the good behaviour recurring.  Initially the ‘good things’ are lots of tasty (but small!) treats. When I get to know your puppy, we may decide between us that a toy or a game might be a better motivator. When you’ve bonded with your puppy their best reward ever will be lots of attention from you.
  • I don’t use force.  There’s no pushing on the dog’s body to get him to sit or lie down, no jerking on the lead to get your dog to walk with you.
  • All members of your family are welcome and encouraged to come to the training class.  
  • I give detailed notes so you don’t have to worry about trying to remember everything that we did in classes and also members of the family that weren’t able to attend the training session will find the notes easy to follow.
  • I give homework.
  • I’m continually studying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and the School of Canine Science who educate trainers to provide proven, ethical and science based dog training and education.


Is my puppy suited to training classes?

If your pup is scared or shy of dogs or people, or barks excessively then contact me for a consultation before enrolling on a puppy course.

On Cloud K9 Puppy Classes are…


What people are saying about puppy classes

Completely reformed pup!

We can’t recommend this class enough! We came out with a completely reformed pup! Emma puts so much effort in and saved me so many times with things I wasn’t sure on and any advice. Our pup is much more obedient now and our bond is much stronger. Thank you so much Emma!

Janie John

‘Puppy owner’ training classes

Fantastic puppy training classes, or ‘puppy owner training classes’ as Emma also refers to them! Emma has been brilliant with our super energetic, nervous and challenging chihuahua pup Sammy, who over the course of the 6-week classes has learned so much (as have we)! We will be continuing one to one sessions with her now that Sammy has graduated his first round of puppy classes

Kath Hughes

Positive reinforcement

Definitely recommend Emma’s puppy classes. She is a patient and interactive trainer, taking time for each member of the class and individually helping each owner. There was no ‘one size fits all’ attitude and she made sure each owner and pup was learning at their own pace. Positive reinforcement is the training method used, which is another massive incentive to use Emma.

Beth Borland

Sound foundation for puppy owners

My puppy and I have just completed a 6 week puppy course with Emma
I found Emma and Claire very approachable and friendly
The sessions were clearly planned, the aims of each session were clear and sessions were timed appropriately and fun.
Many useful tips and games were given that I will continue to use.
I thought that the sessions were a sound foundation for new puppy owners

Joan Healey

Really enjoyable six weeks

Huge Thanks to Emma and Claire, for really enjoyable six weeks course. We learnt a lot as this is our first puppy. We enjoyed Emma’s training delivery. Would highly recommend the training classes.

Yvonne Ward

Emma breaks down the training in manageable ways

Emma is a fantastic trainer, her sessions have helped our Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy learn manners, impulse control and he can do lots of tricks too. Emma breaks down the training in manageable ways so I could practice at home. She also personalises it so although the class is for everyone she takes time to understand the needs of your dog. On top of that she is lovely and genuinely brilliant with dogs. Fully recommend. Thank you Emma.

Sophie Demarco

We felt well supported and encouraged

Emma is great at what she does – she really knows her stuff and is great at supporting owners to learn how to understand their dogs better and get the best out of them. Following a recommendation from a friend we had an initial consultation when we were first adopting a very wonderful and huge bouncy 2-yr-old labradoodle (into a home with a resident rescued 8-yr-old collie) – the time was useful in itself but the writeup also very thorough and helpful. We then joined a six-week adult dog training class. Throughout this we’ve felt well supported and encouraged, the dog (who is wonderful, and enthusiastic!) is really flourishing but we’ve definitely got more confidence ourselves too – we can see the changes when we put the time and effort in so it’s been fab for us. I would definitely recommend.

Karen Chalk

Great practical advice

Great practical advice, clear explanation and examples, and alternatives to try when something isn’t quite working. Our goal was to improve impulse control, and it’s working. Thank you Emma!

Sarah Criddle

Emma is very knowledgable in many different areas

Highly recommend Emma’s puppy school. Unlike other classes, spaces are limited to only 6 and you really get a hands on experience, Emma is also very knowledgable in many different areas and has helped us to teach our puppy some great manners!

Emily Burns