Chase Me

What you are training

You’re teaching your dog that recall is fun.

Why you should train this

  • Your dog will be more focussed on you when out on a walk.
  • Your dog will be more confident in distracting environments.
  • Your dog will bounce back to you when on a walk.
  • Your dog’s recall command will often predict the end of the walk, but ‘chase me’ will only mean good things.

How you will train this

You’ll use a highly valuable treats and/or toys and excitement to encourage your dog to run towards you. Dogs like to be travelling in the same direction as you and find excitement highly motivating. Note that “Rover” should be substituted for the dog’s name.

Step 1

  • When your dog is at a distance, but is not overly distracted
  • Make yourself really exciting
  • When you have your dog’s attention
  • Shout “Rover, chase me!” in a happy, high voice voice
  • As soon as your dog starts to come towards you, start running away from him
  • Your dog should start running towards you
  • Let your dog catch up with you
  • Give rewards and excited praise
  • Repeat

Step 2

  • Repeat step 1 when the dog is distracted before he’s called


  • Restrained recall, puppy ping pong, nose targeting and chase me can all be incorporated into one game.


  • Start this exercise in the less distracting environments such as the garden and gradually build up to more distracting environments.
  • Start the game with rewards that your dog finds highly valuable and vary the rewards to keep your dog’s interest.


  • Ask each member of the family to do these exercises with your dog.
  • Vary the locations where you do these exercises; different rooms in the house, in the garden, when you’re out for a walk.