When training your dog, it’s important that you know what you want your dog to do in order to earn the reward; the criteria.  For example if you’re training your dog to sit, the criteria is that his bottom hits the floor.

Criteria must be increased gradually.  


You mark your dog (yesss!) as soon as he’s met the criteria.  Getting the timing right is hard, but it’s important as the dog will learn that the ‘yesss!’ signified the exact moment he got it right; not as he was lowering his bottom to the floor, not as he was in the process of standing up from the sit, but when his bottom hit the floor.



Make sure that with each step of the training you know what your criteria is; what your dog needs to do in order to get a reward.

Perform each step 5 times.

  • If your dog gets it right at least 4 times you’re ready to push to the next step
  • If your dog gets it right 3 times, stick with this step until you can achieve a higher success rate
  • If your dog gets it right 2 times of less, drop back to the previous step

Using this method will allow you not only to quantify your success but to move through the training steps more quickly.