In the Yuppy Puppy training course we use fun, positive, science based methods in order to teach the puppy the skills required to be a sociable, polite member of the family.  Please read Reward Based Training article and in particular practice the exercise headed ‘Word Maker Method’ in order to make the training as effective as possible.

The Automatic Sit is an example of a simple training exercise that we’ll build upon in the training class – see if you can perfect this before the training course starts!

As with people, diet effects a puppy’s behaviour.  You can check your pup’s food on the website.  It’s simple to use as it has a nutritional rating which allows you to compare different foods.  As a guide Eden’s kibble has a nutritional rating of 88-94%.   Please invest in a Kong and/or a Snake and experiment with what your pup likes to eat.  A varied diet contributes to good gut health, but not all human food is good for dogs.  Please bring a filled Kong or snake along with your pup’s bed or mat to each training session in order to teach your pup to settle in distracting environments.

If you feel that your pup is easily distracted, or may be a bit manic during the training session play the Sprat Onna String game before the training sessions –  it’s fun and it’s great mental stimulation.