My Bully's Best Life - Online Couse

An online dog training course to improve the life skills of XL bully and pit bull type dogs.

Course Focus

Calling all XL Bully and Pit Bull type owners.

Teach your bully breed the skills that they need to live a safe life.

On Cloud K9 is offering an online dog training course for the owners of XL bully and pit bull type dogs.  The training course is discounted for a limited time.  

This course is suitable for any owner who is worried that their dog might be accused of being dangerous, simply because of how they look 🙁.
Remember, breed specific legislation is not about the breed of dog, this is about how the dog looks - disgusting, I know 🤢.

This online dog training course is not designed for dogs who already have specific issues, although you are welcome to talk to me about those issues, it's designed for owners want to better understand their dog and how to give their dog the best quality of life, given the restrictions that are being imposed by the government.    

The course is designed to give your dog life skills they need to live a safe and happy life.  By subscribing to this course you’ll be being proactive and learning loads about your canine companion 🐾.   The training is based on games, so it’s fun too 🥳.    

There are 50 lessons of games and information.

The training course will cover muzzle training (with a fun twist 😀), how to inspire calmness in your dog, having fun on the lead, having fun at home, how to best keep you and your dog safe, I’ll point you to resources that will help you decide whether to exempt your dog, and what to do if something goes wrong.

There will be a downloadable certificate at the end to show that you're a responsible bully owner.    

You’ll have access to the online course for life so that you can continue to revisit the lessons.  

You’ll also have access to an online community where you can converse with me and with other bully type dog owners.    

The value of the course is £125.  For a limited time, the cost of the course is what you can afford to pay, subject to a minimum of £25.    

I’m qualified with the Dog Training College, I’m an absoluteDogs Pro Dog Trainer (PDT) and a PTD Geek.  My training methods are fun, positive and most importantly science based.  

Register using the form below and you'll receive an email telling you how to pay.  Shortly after you've paid you'll get access to the course and online community so that you can start your dog training journey.

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