About Emma

I’ve had the pleasure of owning sheepdogs for most of my life.   When my youngest Welsh sheepdog became fearful of other dogs at the age of 7 months I researched her behaviour and attended behavioural workshops and generally improved my knowledge of canine behaviour, which I continue to do at every given opportunity.  I’m studying with the IMDT (Institue of Modern Dog Trainers) and hoping to become an accredited dog training instructor early next year.

In a previous life I was a software trainer, including working as an Apple Creative (personal trainer) in the US.

Continuous Professional Development

Continued Professional Development
  • School of Canine Science – The Puppy Lab
  • School of Canine Science – 30 Day Challenge
  • School of Canine Science – Fear
  • Amber Batson – What’s Up Dog?
  • Victoria Stilwell – Inside Your Dog’s Mind
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers & Behaviourists – Separation Anxiety
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers & Behaviourists – Resource Guarding
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – 4 Day Practical Instructor Course
  • Ian Dunbar – SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy 4 Day Course
  • School of Canine Science – Teach Your Dog (from the trainers from the ITV program)
  • Craig Oglvie – Interactive Play Workshop
  • Grisha Stewart – Behavioural Adjustment Technique Teamwork Seminar
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Career As A Dog Trainer
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Canine Body Language
  • My Top Dogs – Who’s afraid of the bark?
  • My Top Dogs – How to speak dog
  • Scentwork Wales – Introduction to Scentwork
  • Animal Events UK – Interactive Canine Behaviour and Training Clinic for Fear Based Behaviour and Aggression
  • Canine Gems – Why So Reactive?
  • Action Petz – TTouch Workshop
  • Karen Pryor Academy – Dog Trainer Foundations
  • Mike Hall & Chris Murray – Working my Welsh Sheepdog
  • Canine Principles – Canine Reactive Behaviour – Accredited Advanced Certificate Course
  • Ian Dunbar – Growl Class – A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs
  • Ian Dunbar – Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting & Fighting
  • Ian Dunbar – Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems
  • Ian Dunbar – Reliability and Games 2 Day Dog Training Workshop
  • Sally Gutteridge – Inspiring Resiliance in Fearful and Reactive Dogs
  • Jean Donaldson – The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs
  • Lyudmila Trut, Lee Alan Dugatkin – How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog): Visionary Scientists and a Siberian Tale of Jump-Started Evolution
  • Michael Wombacher – Good Dog, Happy Baby: Preparing Your Dog for the Arrival of Your Child
  • Alexandra Horowitz -Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
  • Stanley Coren PHD – How Dogs Think: What the World Looks Like to Them and Why They Act the Way They Do
  • Stanley Coren PHD – How to Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication
  • Dominic Hodgeson – How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero
  • Zak George – Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
  • Karen Pryor – Don’t Shoot the Dog
  • Mary R Burch, Jon S Bailey – How Dogs Learn
  • Ian Dunbar – Before and After Getting Your Puppy
  • Pat Miller – The Power of Positive Dog Training
  • Patricia McConnell – The Other End of the Leash
  • Sarah Whitehead – Clever Dog
  • Suzanne Clothier – Bones Would Rain from the Sky
  • Tamar Geller – The Loved Dog