Bespoke Herding Breeds Dog Training Course

A private bespoke training course designed specially for your dog. Suitable for herding breed and herding breed cross dogs.

The Bespoke herding breed dog training course

This is a bespoke dog training course, held in Swansea, specially designed for your herding breed dog.  Border collies, sheepdogs and other herding breed dogs were bred for specific jobs, and often struggle in the urban environment in which they live.  In this herding breed training course we'll help your collie-type dog to be better equipped to cope with their urban life.

This dog training course is suitable for the owners of all herding or guardian dog breeds, or dogs that are crossed with herding or guardian breeds, including but not limited to  
Border Collie
Welsh Sheepdog
Rough Collie
 Shetland Sheepdog
 German Shepherd
Miniature American Shepherd

We'll be using positive reinforcement to train the dog.  We do not use 'quick fix' methods of training that are aversive to the dog and that seek to suppress the dog's behaviour.  Instead we will change the dog's behaviour by reshaping the dog's brain using games based concept training, popularised by Absolute Dogs.  

During the 45-60 minute Zoom call we'll discuss your struggles. From this we'll agree on the 3 most important concepts that we need to work on with your dog, for example, if you're struggling with chasing, we might concentrate on calmness, disengagement and managing arousal.  

I'll put a plan together that will involve 3 games for each of the three concepts, which we'll implement in the 3 x 45-60 minute training sessions.  

You'll finish the training course with a wealth of information about your dog, and 9 games that will change the way your dog behaves that you will continue to play.

You'll have access to an online course, which complements the in-person training, for 6 months.  If, after having finished the course, you choose to continue your training journey, you may purchase additional sessions at a reduced rate.

Online Zoom Call

We'll discuss a bespoke training course for your dog in the 45-60 min Zoom call

In-Person Training

3 training sessions of 45-60 minutes to implement the training plan

Online Course

Your bespoke course will also be available to you online for 6 months  


 3x concepts
3x sessions
9x games



Age group

Any age


Clyne Gardens,


The whole family is encouraged to get involved in the training

Why Train Your Dog With On Cloud K9?


I'm a certified Pro Dog Trainer using games based training popularised by Absolute Dogs. Games are crucial to healthy development.  We'll shape the dogs' brain by playing fun 3 minute games. Games based concept dog training teaches your dog valuable life skills.


On Cloud K9 uses kind training methods that build a  bond  between the dog and the owner, rather than aversive techniques that suppress the dog's behaviour. 

Online Course

We only remember 20-40% of what we're told  so each training course you purchase from On Cloud K9 comes with an online training course to support the in-person training.
You'll have access to the online training course for 6 months so that you and your family can continue your training.


I am continually educating myself so that I can provide the most up to date training methods based on scientific research. 

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Emma Badger